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Case Study

Project: Christchurch Airport, New Zealand
Christchurch Airport, New Zealand
Client: CIA Ltd
Contractor: Paving Solutions Limited
Site: New Zealand
Resiblock Product: Resiblock ‘22’
Date: 2003 -2010


Christchurch Airport is New Zealand’s tourism gateway, handling over two and a half million passengers on their holidays every year, which makes for a very busy aircraft apron. Aircraft movement readily erodes jointing sand form both hardstandings and the apron resulting in destabilised paving leading to foreign object damage.

The Solution:

The simplistic application of Resiblock ‘22’ a commercial grade joint stabiliser which prevents both water and fuel infiltration but additionally stabilises the jointing sand, preventing erosion from cleaning regimes and aircraft movement. Once cured it remains fully elastomeric thereby accommodating the small elastic deflections incorporated with the pavement design. During 2003 we saw the first stands stabilised with such success that thousands of square metres have been subsequently sealed. Kerry Evans of Paving Solutions surveyed the original application to the first stands which took place in 2003 and was able to report to the airport engineers zero sand erosion i.e. no maintenance required to paver the joints!

The Benefits:

Resiblock ‘22’ is a specialist prepolymer urethane (SPPU) which prevents the erosion of jointing sand.

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