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Case Study

Project: Swansea SA1 Waterfront
Swansea SA1 Waterfront
Client: Swansea Council
Contractor: Alun Griffiths
Paver Type: Marshalls Conservation and Granite
Area: 3,940m2
Site: Phase 6
Resiblock Product: Resiblock '22' AF
Date: September 2016

The Site:

The Swansea SA1 Waterfront is a development scheme to transform a post-industrial brownfield site into a vibrant mixed-use development of business, residential, retail and leisure offices.

At one point, the Prince of Wales Dock was known throughout the world as a busy trading port, with 6,000 ships a year sailing in and out of the port. The Prince of Wales Dock was extended in 1898 and the whole North Quay frontage was then let to the GWR Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway Company, which linked the coalfields directly with the docks. This resulted in major increases in the export of coal from Swansea.

Resiblock has been utilised on over 10,000 square metres of paving between 2007 and 2012, on the previous Phases 1-5 of Swansea SA1 Waterfront, and Resiblock’s further specialist advice was sought for this unusual characteristic artwork on the Granite paving for Phase 6.

The Challenge:

The main concern to this Phase Six paved area was stain protection and sand joint stabilisation, especially as Celwaith (a Welsh Public Arts Company) had undertaken their Riverside Walkway Artworks project on this site. The project includes a continuous line of ships names that have been grit-blasted into the in-situ granite paving slabs. Also, two ‘tattoo carpets’ were grit-blasted and painted in an inky blue paint into the in-situ granite paving and the company were looking for a solution to give the artwork greater longevity.

The Solution:

Resiblock ‘22’ A.F. (Architectural Finish) was selected from the Resiblock range of products, suitable for all types of natural stone, for its ability to bind jointing sand so that it remains in place under the most arduous of conditions (including high velocity water flows, maintenance pressure washing, environmental elements and trafficking). Resiblock ‘22’ A.F. acts as an anti-detritus coating, which provides stain protection from food and beverages and allows economic removal of chewing gum. It also has a high order of resistance to Ultra Violet light and allows the paver pavement to retain its normal flexural qualities.

The Benefits:

• Single component – fast cure, ensures rapid re-use of the facility
• Significantly reduces staining by food and drink
• Virtually eliminates residual staining by chewing gum oils
• Stabilises jointing sand and inhibits the growth of weeds and grass in joints
• Maintains performance life of pavement

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