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Case Study

Project: Waitrose, Solihull
Waitrose, Solihull
Client: Waitrose
Contractor: Macdermott Building & Civil Engineering
Paver Type: Tobermore Mayfair Textured Concrete
Area: 600m2
Site: Homer Road, Solihull
Resiblock Product: Resiblock Resiecco
Date: June 2016

The Site:

Solihull’s new Waitrose store on Homer Road opened to the public on 23rd June 2016. The store is the fifth Waitrose in the country to feature a sushi counter, which is manned by skilled sushi chefs who will prepare fresh products in front of customers throughout the day. The shop includes meat and fish counters, and a café bar with indoor and outing seating.

The Challenge:

Whilst aesthetically pleasing this type of textured paver pavement can often be blighted by staining from food, chewing gum, drinks etc. and weed and grass growth from within the sand filled joint. Sand erosion from industrial cleaning regimes (pressure washing, vacuum sweeping etc), resulting in paver de-stabilisation and possible trip hazards was also a major concern.

The Solution:

Upon construction of the paving the simplistic application of Resiblock Resiecco provided excellent stain resistant qualities whilst stabilising the jointing sand preventing its removal from both pressure washing and vacuum sweepers.

The Benefits:

Simplistic application requiring no specialist labour, imparting excellent stain resistant qualities to the paver surface whilst stabilising the jointing medium preventing its erosion from cleaning regimes.

The Benefits at a glance:

• One pack material
• Prevents sand loss from cleaning regimes
• Inhibits the growth of weeds and grasses in the joints
• Virtually eliminates residual staining from chewing gum
• Maintains structural stability

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