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Case Study

Project: Haymarket Bus Station
Haymarket Bus Station
Client: Leicester City Council
Paver Type: Charcon Vianova
Resiblock Product: Resiblock Ultra Matt
Date: July 2015

The Site

Haymarket Bus Station built in 1994, lies next to Haymarket Shopping Centre and serves as a transport hub for the City of Leicester. To ease pedestrian access, the creation of wider footpaths are being installed which will increase the number of bus stands from 12 to 23.


The client recognised that the paving’s ability to self seal would be significantly compromised in view of the immediate and heavy duty trafficking to which it would be subjected. It was envisaged the constant vehicular movement would result in sand erosion, loss of interlock as a direct result of water infiltration via the joint and the “pumping and sucking” from trafficking.

The Solution:

As a one pack specialist moisture cured sand stabiliser Resiblock Ultra Matt does not require any special labour in terms of application. Following application the jointing sand is stabilised, adheres to the vertical faces of the paving forming an elastomeric bond which enables energy to dissipate under heavy duty trafficking allowing for small elastic deflections. In addition it prevents the infiltration of water via the joint to the sand laying course preventing the migration of the finer fines ensuring that an acceptable CBR level is maintained

The Benefits:

Resiblock Ultra Matt

• One pack material
• Prevents sand erosion from paver joint
• Prevents the ingress of water and fuel spillage to sand laying course
• Maintains structural stability under heavy duty trafficking
• Elastomeric bond works in tandem with paver system

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